Sunday, March 22, 2009


Life has been truly crazy lately! We finally closed on our house last Tuesday and got the keys on Wednesday. We went in that night and got to work and quickly realized there was a lot more cleaning than we initially realized. The place was completely disgusting! But we plugged through and got everything washed and cleaned and then pulled the carpets out on Saturday. Just getting rid of the carpet made such a huge difference! The people that lived there before smoked alot and had a big dog. The problem with that scenario is that they didn't clean anything up, so the walls were black with smoke and there was animal hair covering absolutely everything. So, with the carpet clean and walls washed it felt immensely better. That night my brother-in-law came over and helped prime the living room and then texture it. It made me so excited seeing the changes and progress. I can't wait until we finally color on the walls and the new carpet in, I think it will be a nice house after it is all said and done.

Some updates on the rest of the family. Last Sunday Logan was fevered so we kept him home from church and then by the evening his fever shot up to 104! That scared us so we took him into Instacare (like 5 minutes before they closed) and by then his fever had went back down to 101. He had also thrown up earlier, so we were thinking that it was just the flu. So the doctor did a flu test (which I didn't even know you could do. I think it's kind of dumb to pay money for a flu test. All they do is tell you to rest and drink lots of fluid). Anyways, the test came back negative and so they said he just had a viral infection and there is nothing you can do. Kind of felt like a waste of money to take him in and be told that, but his fever was so high we didn't want to take a chance. Well, we just loaded him up on Ibuprofen and let him sleep and drink alot. He started to improve the next day and then on Tuesday he was all better. I'm so glad he is feeling better because it's so hard seeing your kid hurting and feeling terrible and not wanting to move, which is not my Logan. So it's nice to have him back to good health.

Chase is still doing good and growing like crazy. And Ray has been very busy with school, HOSA club, and house stuff. He had a State HOSA comepetition in Layton Thursday and Friday and took 5 kids. The competition was good and kids behaved good for him, but it was hard for him to be gone knowing that there was so much house stuff that needed to be done. But other that that, everything is going good and we're just trucking right along!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

To Feed?.... Or Not To Feed?...

Nothing major has happened the last little bit. We're still just waiting for our loan to go through on the house. Last week we had the house inspection done and everything came back good, well, except the guy couldn't get the furnace to turn on. He said that it's trying to light but there's no gas getting to it. He said that all we need to do is have the lines purged and that it's nothing major. But other than that, everything is good! I'm not a patient person and this waiting stuff for the loan is killing me!!! I just want to get in there and get going on the projects!

As far as the kids go, Logan and Chase are doing really well. Chase thinks that Logan is the coolest thing since sliced bread. He just sits and watches Logan all day and laughs hysterically at him, it's actually quite entertaining. I can't wait until Chase is a little more mobile and can play with Logan. Oh yeah, that reminds me, Chase is rolling over now!!! YEAH!!! He can only roll from his back to his stomach, but I'm so excited! But just this morning I took Chase to the pediatrician and he is doing really good, contrary to what WIC said last week. WIC tried telling me that he was too fat and too short and that I'm overfeeding him! Talk about tick me off! Ray told me to ignore what WIC says and to just go by what the doctor says. Anyways, I let WIC get to my head and so I started cutting out some of his feedings like they told me to and now for the result he is no longer sleeping through the night and I'm not happy about it. So when I took him to the doctor this morning for his 6 month check up they said not to believe WIC and that he just fine and to go back to what I was doing before. Talk about relief because I'm not a happy person when I don't get my sleep. But as for Chase, he weighs 19.4 pounds (75%) and for his height he is 26 1/4" (50%). So take that WIC, he is just fine!!! I would quit going there, but I can't afford the formula without it. So I should be thankful that I'm able to participate in the program.

But other than that, things are relatively low key and boring around here. We're just having fun picking out carpet and paint and planning what we want to do everywhere on the house!!