Sunday, February 21, 2010

Update on Chase

So here is an updated picture of Chase's finger from his burn. Sorry, this is a little graphic. But we had to cut the skin off because it was starting to get infected under it and couldn't get it cleaned. is what it looks like under the blister. He does really well with it until we have to put the anti-septic medicine on it, it burns just a little I think. The poor kids just screams bloody murder. Hope you get better soon buddy!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Poor Chaser

So I did it again. My negligence hurt the poor kid. I really don't have an excuse for letting him get hurt again, I just didn't think and I feel super guilty. Luckily he's tough and it could have been a lot worse. Here's the story.

I had been in the bathroom "trying" to get ready for the day when my neighbor came over. Without thinking I had left the bathroom door open with my hair straightener plugged in. I know better than to leave the bathroom door open like that because Chase loves to play in the bathroom. Well, after a minute of visiting with my neighbor I realized that I left the door open and that Chase was probably in the bathroom. He's never really tried to grab the straightener before but this time he did. He grabbed it just as I came in and the poor kid just started screaming. I quickly tried looking at his hands to see where he was burned and couldn't see anything at first but I still shoved both of his hands in cold water. I knew he had to be burned because the thing was turned as hot as it would go to 450 degrees!! And sure enough in a matter of seconds, a HUGE blister formed on the inside of his thumb and index finger. I kept his hand in the cold water as long as he would let me but it still just burned like crazy to him. He screamed pretty good for about an hour. I just held him trying to comfort him and he would fall asleep for a couple of minutes and then he would wake up screaming because it would start to throb. I finally decided to take him to the doctor to see if they could numb it or something, just anything to help the little guy. I called Ray to tell him and he said to bring him by the school first so he could look at it. So when we got there Ray took him to the Athletic Trainer at the school who works for the hospital to see if he had anything so we could avoid a doctor visit. Luckily, he had some numbing anti-septic and some cooling pads. We put those on there and wrapped his hand up pretty good so he wouldn't pull at the blister or bandage and he calmed right down!! As long as we keep it wrapped it up, he doesn't even seem to notice it or act like it bothers him so we are truly blessed. It could have burned him so much worse and covered so much more area. I am definitely being a little more careful now. I just hope my stupidity doesn't hurt him anymore!!

This isn't the best picture, but the best we could get. This was when the burn was a day old. All of the white part is the blister. It actually broke open the night before so we are trying to watch for infection and keep it as clean as possible. Hopefully we avoid it. The burn actually wraps around his thumb to the other side but we couldn't get a picture of it.

This was taken with my phone so the glare from the sun is pretty intense but he was so cute. He had fallen asleep after we saw Ray and put the medicine on. He was finally able to relax and fall asleep. Sucker in his mouth and all.

See!! It doesn't even seem to bother him! I don't know how it doesn't, but he still laughs and plays like normal! We put a sock over it last night to let it air out without being bandaged and taped it to his pajamas.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

35 Weeks!!!

Before at 30 weeks..... and now....

Yeah! We're at 35 weeks and counting down!!

PS - Sorry my stomach hangs out, I've waaaay outgrown the shirt but to keep with the sameness in the pictures it is what I have to wear.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Final Farewell

I actually wrote this a week ago, but I couldn't get the picture to load of Shelby so I was waiting to get that to work. Finally got it to upload, so here is my "final farewell" to her. I miss you!
Today is our last day with adorable Shelby. This has been a hard decision for us, especially Ray. This has always been one of his "dreams" to have a dog. But given the present circumstances, with the baby coming soon (cross my finers!!) and we are starting to re landscape the back yard, it was just too much. The other big parts of this decision are that we don't give her the time or attention she deserves. Since we got her, we rarely go outside and when we do we put her in her cage and she hates it. She needs someone who will play with her and absolutely adore her. I really hope and pray that this new home for her will give her those things and be a better situation for her. We will miss you Shelby!!