Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Logan's Birthday, Camping, Boo-ing, Obessions

Logan's birthday was last week and my big boy turned 5!! He got spoiled with his presents and he requested a Buzz Lightyear birthday cake. I was very hesitant to do another cake after the disaster with Thomas the Train for Chase. But I planned ahead a little better and was more prepared and it turned out pretty good! Logan loved it and so that's all that really matters.
We also went camping last week during Fall Break. We went up to Sand Cove and took our dog, Cassie. Cassie was pretty much in heaven and chased every grasshopper and lizard that was out there. Unfortunately, she became chicken dog when it got dark and kept whining at the tent all night which in turn kept me awake all night too! You see, I struggle sleeping when we go camping anyways cause i literally wake up to every single noise and worry about every possible scenario that could possible happen. It's ridiculous, I know. Ray made a good point and asked if I even like camping with the way I worry. So I just have to say that I do enjoy camping and it's still worth it, even with the extra stress I make out of it. The kids have a blast and are hopefully making fun memories.
Cute little bunch of kids....if I do say so myself!

We were next to a little creek and the boys wanted to play in it.

By the way, the water was super cold and at that point Chase decided it was too cold for him and no longer wanted help across the creek.

I just love his bright eyes!

Chase spent all morning "fishing". Ray took the hook off the end so he could be big boy and just have as much as he could handle! :)

Our neighborhood has a tradition of doing Phantom Ghost treats to each other. It's where you take treats to someones house and doorbell ditch them and leave the treats. You then in turn put a picture of the ghost in your window so it doesn't happen again and then you do the same thing to two other families. It's quite fun and my kids enjoy it. Ray and Logan decided to go incognito this year. They both wore black and decided to use their "wheels" to be quick about it. I just have to say that Logan thought Ray's old Batman sweatshirt was the coolest thing ever!! It was fun and I hope it helps teach me kids to think of others and do service....even something as simple as treats.

Logan has also taken a slight liking to watching Scooby Doo lately and so he decided to make traps every day. This is just one of the ones he came up with the lawn chairs. It's fun to watch his imagination and creativity go to work. It's also fun to see him and Chase doing things like this together.
For those of you who don't know Chase very well, he gets attached/obsessed/territorial over things quite a bit. Right now he is very adamant about having Mater and his shoes with him when he sleeps. It doesn't matter if it's nap time or bed time, he HAS to have them. Not just in his bed, but as you can see, right next to his head. The silly kid never ceases to surprise me.