Sunday, May 30, 2010


Chase hasn't figured out how to say "yes" yet. He's good at no, but if you ask him a question and the answer is yes, this is what you get.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

So, it's been a long time since I've posted, therefore, there's a lot to get caught up on. I'll "try" to keep it condensed, but there's no guarantees.

Chase has started this "snuggle" thing and I happened to catch it with the camera. They're just hanging out watching TV together.
Last weekend was Cotton Days (local city celebration) and we took my nieces with us to the parade and carnival.

Chase coulnd't decide which treat he wanted, so why not go with both?! Sucker....popsicle...sucker...popsicle?

There were Star Wars characters there and the boys thought there were so cool!!! And I need to give Kassi and Kimmi major credit for this picture. Last year we were at another parade and a Star Wars guy was walking by and just grabbed Kassi and started walking with her down the parade and absolutely terrified the poor girl. So when the girls saw these guys this year, they were very scared. But the guy was sooo good with them and took off his helmet and showed them he was a normal guy just dressed up in a costume. After that, they warmed up quite a bit. Way to go girls!! You were so brave!!

We've had Chase is a toddler bed for quite a while now, but he still likes to get out. We went to check on him before we went to bed, about 3 hours after he was in bed, and this was the way we found him...pajamas half way off, and leaning over his bed completely asleep. Now, if only he would stay asleep. The last couple of weeks he's started waking up just about every hour screaming and crying. We go in to check on him, and he's still asleep but screaming and thrashing around. He does this ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! I thought it was supposed to be the new born baby that kept us awake, not the 1 1/2 year old! But yesterday at the doctor office for his 18 month check up, I asked about this and we have some help. He gave a prescription for Valium (not quite sure how I feel about it), a mild sedative, and he slept so soundly all night. What a relief, but I hope he grows out of this soon so that he doesn't constantly have medicine.
Oh yeah, and Chase is weighing in at 27 pounds. He's only 5 pounds away from Logan. Chase is wearing Logan's summer clothes from last year eventhough they're 2 years apart!!

This little girl is my pride and joy. She's always with me, no matter where I go and I love every minute of it. She has the cutest little smiles and she's starting to "talk" to me and try to laugh.

Yesterday was her 2 month check up and she's doing very good. She's weighing in at 10 pounds, but yet she's still so petite looking. She has an ear infection and hopefully when that clears up she will start eating good again. This last week she started eating for maybe 5 minutes at a time and then she screams afterwards and spits up ALOT!! Mentioned this to the doc as well, and if in two weeks the ear infection is cleared up and still the problems, we'll look at something like acid reflux. I just hope she gets better so that my milk won't go away. I've been pumping after every feeding trying to keep the milk coming in, but it's quite annoying. But even with all of that, I love her to death and can't get enough of her!!