Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Dear...The Computer

So I have not been able to keep up with posting or reading everyone's blogs because our lovely computer decided to fry up on us. The problem we were having was that we've owned it for 1 1/2 years and the manufacturer's warranty was only for a year. BUT....luckily we bought it at Costco (I LOVE COSTCO!!!) and they extend the warranty for up to two years!! So we called the support number last night and they are having us send it in and they will look at it and could possibly send us a whole new computer!! That would be lovely, but that it is the best case scenario and with our luck that probably won't happen, but hey, it's worth a shot to at least see if they can fix it. So, that's our going ons lately and hope that everyone has a good Christmas and New Year's!!! Love ya everyone!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So, I've already started to try and figure out some sort of "birth plan". With Chase and Logan I was induced and had an epidural. Pretty routine and uneventful. Well, I'm kind of deciding to change it up a bit. My goal is to try and let myself go in to spontaneous labor. The hard parts about that are 1) Ray is going to be in Salt Lake for HOSA competition March 18 & 19. I'm due the 19. That makes me a little nervous because he will be on a bus with the kids, he can't just drop whatever and drive himself down here. 2) My hips. I have some sort of issue with my hips when I'm pregnant so that they continually pop out and give me excruciating pain. But when this happens, I can't walk. My hips just drop out right underneath me. It's the worst at night and Ray will have to help me walk because it's just not possible on my own. This time around, it's started a lot earlier than with Chase, so we'll see how able I am to let myself go into labor.

The second thing I'm thinking about doing different is not getting an epidural, but some sort of narcotics through an IV. Before anybody gets up in arms about this, it's not that I don't LOVE the epidural. It's just that I react super easily to pain medication and an epidural is kind of tricky to not get too strong. With Logan it was too strong and resulted in a bad delivery process, but with Chase I had them give me a lighter dose and it was fabulous. So my thinking is, why not try something different and see if it works? I know I'll feel a lot more and it won't be so "numbing", but I want to try it and if I can't take it, then I can get an epidural. I don't know, just something I've thought about because my mom had the IV narcotics with 2 of us, and an epidural with one, and pretty much natural with another. She said that she enjoyed the IV thing so I want to give it a try.

I'm sure there are tons of opinions on this subject and just kind of curious what your thoughts are. I've talked to my doctor about it and he thinks that in my situation this would be a good alternative, but what do you think?