Monday, September 5, 2011

Chase's Birthday & Labor Day

Chase turned 3 last week! Sometimes it's kind of weird to me that he's only 3. He just seems to be older than that to me in some ways. But he had a fun birthday with lots of presents and one of the best presents EVER......Grandma and Grandpa came to visit too! It was quite entertaining to watch Chase with Grandpa because he wouldn't let Grandpa out of his sight....literally. It was cute.

Chase is slightly obsessed with Thomas the Train. A big thank you goes to Grandma and Grandpa Jolley for the perfect gift!

Alphie Robot

I didn't have a cake the night of his birthday (we were doing cake another night) so he had home-made doughnuts.

Lightning McQueen playdough set

This cake did NOT turn out the way I had it pictured in my head. This was a horrible attempt, but Chase loved it and so that's all the matters.

While my parents were in town we got sod in the front yard and it looks fantastic! (I'll get some pics posted later, we somehow only managed to get pics on Ray's phone)

Dad helping with the sod roller

For Labor Day the weather was fantastic so we met up with Ray's sisters and we went to a park and had a picnic.