Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 St. George Half Marathon

Yesterday was the 2011 St. George Half Marathon! This half marathon was a lot better for me than last month's. At the Hostess Half there were only about 30 and so I was running by myself almost the whole time and I didn't know the course at all. But yesterday there were over 3,000 runners so I was always with someone, which was fun, and then I was very familiar with the course cause it's the route that I always go running on. The weather was fabulous and everyone did a fantastic job putting the whole even together. My last race time was 2 hours and 4 minutes and my goal for this race was 2 hours...or under if possible. My time yesterday was 2 hours and 50 seconds!! Ray teases me and says that I technically didn't reach my goal but I say I did. I mean come on, after running for two hours I'm not too concerned about a few seconds!! :) But all in all, it was a fun race and I really want to do another one in the city that I live in next month, the only problem is that I don't have the $40 for the registration fee! So..I don't know what will happen but these are fun races and I'm enjoying the push it gives me to set and meet a goal.

Me and my sweet baby (or not so baby anymore) after the race.

I love how Ray and the kids are so good at supporting me, especially Ray. He's been so good at watching the kids on Saturdays while I do my long runs and then enduring the kids during the races. Couldn't do it without him!

This was about at Mile 9 and I'm the one in the gray jacket coming up by the two people in blue right above the first plant and I was so excited to see Ray and the kids. It was a great boost!

After the last race I was in pretty bad shape: my legs and knees hurt like none other and my stomach got sooo sick too. But after this race I feel so much better. My knees hurt a little but nothing bad, the only problem is this lovely blister, or should I say blister(s)!! I got new shoes a week ago and thought they were broken in enough but no. I had one blister already there from last week but then during this race I accumulated another one under the preexisting one. It hurts like crazy but I had Ray drain it today and it feels much better now.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How low can YOU go?!

Our snowman has(or had) some serious limbo skills! He used to stand so tall and then gradually kept tipping further and further. Ray and I were making bets several days ago on when we thought it would tip over but it just kept tipping more and more until today when I was out taking a pic of it, it finally gave up. I know it's a silly snowman, but we would just laugh about how it was still standing and we couldn't believe it! Here's how the limbo goes:

My boys will miss you snowman, I on the other hand, will not...nothing personal, I just enjoy the sunshine! :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Trying to Catch Up

Life has just been too crazy to update regularly so here's another condensed version of what's happened lately:
  • I successfully ran my first half marathon and it went pretty good. The weather was less than ideal unless you like super cold and rainy conditions! :) My goal was 2 hours and I finished in 2:04, so close! I might have finished with a better time but I missed a turn and got a little lost and so...well...ya know... But I've signed up for another half marathon in St. George on January 22 and hopefully I'll meet my goal this time!

    Ray and the kids made this cute poster for when I finishing the race. It says: Way to go Supermom!

  • Christmas was fun and we all got spoiled pretty good. Both Ray and I's parents came to St. George so we stayed busy visiting with everyone. While my parents were here it snowed and so we went out and built a snowman. The boys thought it was pretty fun but I'm sooo ready for the snow to melt, but yet it snowed again last night and it does not make me happy. :( I live in St. George to avoid this kind of weather!

We reenacted the Nativity Story with Ray's side of the family with the kids. It was entertaining and sweet at the same time.

  • Chase is still not allowed back into the gym daycare yet. They called and asked if he was doing better with the biting and they would let him come back but he bit me the day before on the neck when we were just playing and he's bit Logan a couple of time since so we have to wait longer. At this point I don't know what to do with him, I'm just trying to survive and hope he grows out of this stage soon! The poor guy also has some sort of illness that he can't get rid of though. He randomly gets hives, rashes and fevers. They only last a couple of days but just goes from one thing to the next. Now we're trying to get rid of a nasty cold that him, Rylee and I all have. The little guy just needs to get feeling better, it's so hard seeing him not feel up to par.

  • He's too cute!! So why can't he just quit biting? :)

  • Logan is growing up before my eyes. He'll walk around the house or do something that I just look at him and go "when did you become a big boy?" I mean seriously, he's not just a little baby that I have to keep and eye on every second of the day. He's also becoming such a good helper around the house.

  • And Rylee is doing so much better with the bottles. My milk has decreased rapidly and we only nurse about once a day. She doesn't mind the bottle at all now and is doing good with the baby food too. She's going through a big growth spurt and is eating a ton! She's also outgrowing most of her 9 month clothes and wears mostly 12 months. She is still small for her weight (25%) and height (20%), but she sure doesn't act like it. Rylee also has grown quite the head of hair and is so cute with I do her hair in little piggies!

Rylee was super hyper one night when Ray was playing with her. I got a kick out of it!!