Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Logan's views...

Logan just came up to me and so matter-of-factly said, "Mom, Jesus said to watch a lot of TV today."

"Really? Why?" I said through a smile.

"Because he loves me!"

It's so fun to hear how kids interpret things we teach them. I'm glad to hear that he does actually semi-listen to what I'm trying to teach him, but to see how they process it into everyday situations is comical sometimes. Love ya buddy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Braggin' Rights

What mom can resist the opportunity to brag her children?! :) Today I am going to brag about how smart Chase is with his letters. He LOVES letters and points them out and identifies them everywhere we go. He can say the alphabet but also knows the letters out of alphabetical order. He also enjoys the numbers but we're working on those. I wish I could take credit for his talent, but he just kind of learned letters on his own...ok, and PBS Kids. He loves to watch the educational shows on PBS and I think this is where it all started. Once we noticed he was recognizing letters, we then started practicing with him, but he initially did it on his own. Here's a clip of him saying them, personally I think it's one of the cutest things ever!

Ok - can't help up but brag a little more! Here's a couple more pics of the kids.

So a little more on Chase: we were finally able to go back to the gym daycare after his 30-day suspension for biting too much and within a week of being back he bit again and is suspended again for another 30 days. Don't interpret this as anything bad because I am quite proud of my boy (not for biting!!!) but just documenting things that are going on. But also to take advantage of our time being home more I decided to potty train him and he's actually doing so good! We have accidents but today he's taking the initiative and telling he needs to go. Logan was so difficult to potty train that I was scared to start again, but it's going good so far!

Logan wanted a picture to show off his Buzz Lightyear collection. I hadn't even realized that he had acquired 4 of them!! Seriously, how many Buzz's do you need? But it makes for a happy little boy.

And little Miss Rylee! She is just the cutest stinkin thing ever!! She starting walk hanging onto furniture and yesterday decided to walk around pushing the kitchen chairs in the kitchen. She's getting so much hair and her bangs hang in her eyes but I don't want to cut them cause I want to grow them out with the rest of her hair. She's so much fun and we all love her!