Thursday, June 7, 2012

FHE at Dixie Rock

Our most amazing neighbors, the Turek Family, invited us to go to Dixie Rock with them for Family Home Evening. We love hiking and exploring....and the Turek's so we jumped on that opportunity! We attempted the Narrows (a crack in the rock), but only a few were able to actually squeeze through it. I got slightly claustrophobic and didn't even attempt to get very far. Ray and the kids snuck on through and thought it was pretty cool. There's also an old pioneer house in the rocks that we found and it was super neat. I have great admiration for the first settlers of St. George, they definitely had their work cut out for them and had to have such great faith and obedience.

It literally is just a narrow little crack in the rock. Ray was somehow able to squeeze through with the kids.

In the House in the Rock

The chimney in the House in the Rock

Rylee's 2nd Birthday

Back in March Rylee turned the terrible 2! :) And yes, she has followed the description of terrible 2 quite well. She has now developed quite an attitude and doesn't get pushed anyone. That girl can hold her ground. But as usual, she got spoiled rotten.

 Big brothers thought a princess tent would be fun.

 Dad insisted that she have this cute little 4-wheeler.

 Her look doesn't express it, but she loved her Minnie Mouse cake.

New Dedication

So for my birthday back in April, Ray was such a thoughtful hubby and got me a most wonderful gift (like usual) and printed off a blog book!  It has been so fun to have the last couple of years in print and the kids love looking through the blog book as well and seeing their pictures. After seeing how fun it is to have record of the happenings with our family, Ray has requested that I keep blogging. I totally agree that it is a wonderful record, so I am vowing to try and post more regularly....especially with the arrival of the twin girls sneaking up on us rather quickly. :) So for the next while I am going to try to get caught back up on the blog as we have been very busy with lots of fun and challenging times.