Thursday, April 19, 2012

Splash Park Fun

We went to the splash park a couple of weeks ago with our cousins and had a wonderful time! Next to the splash park is an adorable carousel that we of course had to ride on....a few times. :) I didn't get hardly any pictures of the kids playing in the water cause they would never hold still! But we got some cute ones of the carousel.

16 weeks pregnant and the twins are.....?

We had an ultrasound the other day and we were able to see that both babies are GIRLS!!! I am so excited about this cause Rylee will have the sister(s) that we wanted for her.....that girl is slightly spoiled. :) My due date is going to be around September 17. My "official" due date is October 1 if I was having a single pregnancy, but with twins they won't let ya go past 38 weeks and so that's around the 17th. I'm just hoping to beef these babies up as much as possible so they're not super frail or sick, I want healthy babies!!

And here is a picture I took of the belly last week at 15 weeks. And I apologize about the workout clothes, but I never think to take a picture unless it's first thing in the morning, which happens to be right as I'm going to the gym. But here's the ball(s) of fun I'm growing. :)