Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bunk Beds

Due to the lack of space in the boys room, we decided to get some bunk beds. So for a couple of months I have been watching and watching Craigslist and Well, my perseverance paid off and we found some beautiful/"cool" bunk beds with mattresses. The kids all love them and so do I.....until it comes to bed time and then it's such a hassle to get them to sleep. Hopefully they get used to it soon. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our life in pictures

Well I've totally slacked in blogging this year.....ok, and most of last year too. :) I don't spend much time on the computer anymore and so blogging just hasn't been a priority. I'm going to try and do better. But the only way to actually get "caught up" is to just do pictures. This is long, but it'll have to do.
We did a horrible job of taking pictures Christmas morning, but here are the few we did get. Rylee loves her kitchen.

Ray may or may not want to buried in this jersey.

Chase got a train table. They seem to like to sit on it more than anything though.

Rylee doesn't exactly enjoy holding hands anymore....with anyone, even me. :(

Rylee and Emily wore their Christmas dresses to Kassi's baptism. Even though I am totally against matching, they were pretty darn cute!

I can never get enough of his smiles!

Handsome little guys if I do say so myself.

Family picture at the baptism. This also doubles as the family picture that I usually try to take on Christmas, but the day after still works I think. :)

Don't let Ray fool ya, Rylee has his wrapped around her little finger.

Ray got me a fire pit that I've been wanting for Christmas. Here we are breaking it in for the first time. So excited to get some good family time around this!

As hard as we try, we just never have a super exciting/eventful New Years. Does Ray's expression explain that enough? :)

Ray and Trevor are trying to put some "life" into our New Years "party."

We were cleaning out the closets in our house and found our old Nintendo system. Anybody else remember this game? :)

Chase and Logan were pretty entertaining to watch as they tried to do the Track and Field game. I don't think they are quite old enough to get full appreciation out of it.

Rylee even tried her hand at the game.

Logan sure does love himself some Legos.

Chase has a lot of fun with his train set and "moving Thomas" as he calls it.

Rylee likes to wear her "pretty dresses" from Grandma Miller. She also loves to play peek-a-boo. How can you not love this girl?!

And just so the world knows, we have some of the best neighbors around!