Monday, June 22, 2009

Hiking Fun

So since this last weekend was Free Park Weekend, we decided to go with Kristi, Trevor, and precious little Emily to Zions National Park. I love that place! It has such an overwhelming beauty that I can just sit and stare at. I've only done the Emerald Pools hike before, so we tried a different one this time. We really wanted to something like Angels Landing, but we had the kids with us so a low key hike seemed the better choice. We ended up trying Watchman's.

The small plateau that you see right through the trees is where we hiked to. It was a beautiful view at the top.

It was a perfect hike to do with the kids. Logan did terrific on the way up, but by the time we started back down, he got tuckered out and only wanted mom to be carrying him. The problem with that was that I was already packing Chase on my back, and that is not a light load! But with Logan on the front of me, it actually kind of evened out my balance and we could cruise right along until my knee started giving my fits. But I am so proud of Logan for how well he did, that's a big hike for a little guy. It was about 3 miles round trip with some pretty good switch backs. Chase did good too, he just hung out on my back and slept, couldn't have been any better!

Trying to pack both boys! What a heavy load! Sad thing is, I almost weighed this much when I was pregnant! Ugh...

All of us eating lunch at the top.
Riding on the bus. Logan thought it was so cool!!!

After the hike Logan wanted to ride around the the shuttle buses. So we took a little ride around the park and he loved it! He loves watching the school buses drive past our house, so it just tickled him pink to be on a bus himself. After the bus, we wanted to take Logan through this incredible tunnel in the park. This tunnel goes right in to the mountain for about a mile and a half! It is kind of intimidating, but cool at the same time. Logan kept saying that we were like Thomas the Train going through the tunnel. All in all, it was a super fun day, tiring, but fun.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Fun

So far our summer has been pretty relaxed and not a whole lot going on. A couple of weeks ago my mom, Audree, Chloee, and Grandma Gene all came down for a couple of days. It was a short visit, but it was a lot of fun!! I love watching Chloee and Logan play together. They do so good! But I think my favorite part was that Chase was nonstop smiling and Grandma Gene! All she had to was look in his general direction and he was all smiles!! It totally made Grandma's day!

Well, the week after they left, my dad woke up one morning and said that he missed Chase and Logan and he wanted to come visit. So the loaded up in the car and drove to St. George on a spur of the moment trip! We were excited to have them come visit. The first day they were here went swimming and the Rec Center while Ray was at work and then on Saturday we went fishing. The fishing wasn't all that great, but it was still a fun outing. It was a lot of fun having them here!

As far as the boys go, Chase is not officially crawling and literally in to everything! I am nonstop pulling out of some sort of trouble whether it be is playing with the cable box/VCR/DVD/playstation stuff or playing with the outlets (yes, I need to get the outlet protectors put in, I have them, just have to find them), or trying to playing the bathroom and suck on the toilet seat. He is aslo pulling himself up to low lying objects and stands in the stink bug position. He seriously went from hardly rolling over to all of the sudden moving around nonstop! I can hardly keep up with him.

And as for Logan, well, we're trying the potty training thing. He does just fine if I tell him every now and then to go potty, but if i leave it up to him to do it by himself...well, I have lots of laundry to keep up with now. He just doesn't care if he pees on himself and his underwear are all wet! I don't understand it! I'm just holding out hope that if we keep at it, it will eventually click in his little head what to do. He's a good kid, just not catching on to this yet.

Ray is finishing up his last week of his summer job and then I'm so excited to start tiling our kitchen, laundry room, and pantry. We have a lot of work for all of this to happen though. We have to put a door in the dining room so we access to the pantry that also leads to the garage, but I am so excited to have room to put things! I need this pantry terribly!!! The part I'm not looking forward to it choosing the tile. I know, that's backwards, but we're just not finding anything that we really like. But whatever we choose will be better than what's in there right now.

Well, that's about it around here. After the projects are done, I'll post some new pics.