Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wizard of Oz Family

This year for Halloween I wanted to attempt a theme as a family and this what we came up with.

The Miller Family

starring in


It was fun making the costumes. Ray and I's costumes were simple and not much to them but the kids were a little more involved. Chase's lion costume was a monkey that Logan used a couple of years ago. I just cut the monkey nose off and used yarn for the lion's mane. Pretty easy and he looked super cute in it. Logan was the Tinman and I wasn't quite sure how go about it so Ray helped out with this one. We used an oil funnel for the hat, cardboard for the body, and dryer vent hose for the arms and legs. We didn't get quite enough dryer hose but it still turned out fun. And then Rylee's dress I had to sew. This was an adventure because I've never sewed clothing before and I'm not exactly skilled in this department. I was pretty proud of myself though because I didn't have a pattern or anything and just kind of guessed what I had to do. I asked my mom and a neighbor a couple of questions, but it still turned out good. Rylee was pretty dang cute as usual (PS - she got her first tooth yesterday!!! Lets hope it doesn't put a monkey wrench in nursing now. I don't know now long I can handle it if she starts to bite when nursing :) ) But overall, it was a fun holiday and I'm already starting to think about what we could do as a family theme for next year.

Thursday, October 14, 2010 there's a lot of pictures, but I'm going to try and capture the events of Logan's birthday as best as I can without writing a novel. He turned 4 yesterday and we had a blast!! He opened his presents in the morning and then that night we went to Staheli Farms to get pumpkins and to play. They have quite the setup at the farm where the kids can play. So here we go!!!

Grandma Miller made Logan a cowboy vest with chaps and leather gloves. The sunglass are from Grandma Jolley who also gave him a bouncing ball, you know the ones with the handle and you sit on and jump. He gets quite the kick out it, plus it's funny to watch!

Logan wanted a Cat in the Hat birthday cake. It's not perfect but I thought it turned out pretty cute. The one thing I totally forgot about until after was the whiskers for the cat. Oh well, Logan loved it!

We got Logan a big boy bike. He's been riding a much too little tricycle for quite a while and he's loving it! He took off on it like a little champ and is even doing good learning how to use the brakes.

Chase with his pumpkin at Staheli Farms. It's about as big as him!

Oh magosh!! Is Rylee not the cutest little girl ever!! I just can't get enough! And sitting up all by herself like she's so big....

The boys choosing their pumpkins.

All of my darling little children!

My handsome men!

Our attempt to get a family picture. It turned out a little blurry but gets the job done.

Logan doing the duck races. He had fun with this game.

Staheli Famrs had this slide and dumps you into a pit of dried corn. Chase had blast!

Chase loved the slide!
This is just a random picture of the boys outside. We've had awesome weather lately (the reason we love St. George!) and we've tried to take advantage of it as much as possible.

I have a very sweet friend that I attempted to make this nursing cover for. I was proud of myself with the way it turned out. I'm soooo not a seamstress so to get something that turns out semi-right is such an accomplishment! :)