Friday, January 29, 2010

Uh, Oh....Spaghettio!!

So last night I was giving the boys a quick bath before we left for a basketball game that Ray was working at. I gave Chase a bath first, got him dressed and then quickly threw Logan in. This is a common routine for us because both boys are too much in the tub at once!! So anyways, I was in the middle of putting shampoo in Logan's hair and I hear Chase do a blood-curdling scream. I forget about Logan, shampoo and all, and run out of the bathroom to find Chase. I round the corner to the kitchen and Chase is standing at the garbage can holding a Spaghettios can from lunch, with his fingers STUCK in it!! You see, when I open a can, I don't completely cut it all the way off, I leave just a small tab attached so I can just push it back down. Well, I'm usually pretty careful about not leaving those within reach because one of my brothers did this same thing when we were little and it was scary!! So anyways, Chase is screaming with his fingers stuck and all of the sudden he just pulls the can off and all I see is blood coming out!! I immediately rush him to the sink to try and clean off the blood to see where and how bad it is. Luckily, oh so luckily, he got a small part of thumb cut. I mean, it bled ALOT! but it was a relatively small cut. It took a while to get the bleeding to stop, especially because he kept pulling off any bandage I put on it. His choice tactic at this was to put his thumb in his mouth and chew and suck on it until he got it off, it more than grossed me out! But, I am so thankful that the poor little guy didn't get hurt too bad.

But the poor kid is just struggling right now. The last week or so he's had a terrible cold with a super runny nose that just won't stop and he's quite congested. But the night before last, he woke up around 9:30 just screaming hysterically so I go back to get him to calm down. After I leave his room, I notice that there was watered down blood spots on the neck of my shirt so I go back in to find where it was coming from. Couldn't find anything so I go back out a little baffled. A while later he starts screaming again so I go back, get him calmed down and when I leave, once again there is watered down blood drooled down the arm of my shirt. It starts to freak me out a little this time so I get him out of bed and Ray and I look him over and can't find any source of bleeding anywhere!! So I have no other option really other than to put him back down and hope he stays asleep the rest of the night. Now, there wasn't any large amounts of blood or anything, but regardless, blood still. Well, he slept through the night without any incident, but when I got him out of bed in the morning there were the same watered down blood spots on his sheet!! He acts fine, not like something is wrong, so I don't know what to do! He hasn't done it again, but it's a little strange!! Any suggestions on what to do? Do I take him to the doctor, or just let it be? But where did it come from? I'm so confused!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So I know that I haven't posted in quite a while, but I just haven't had much to write about. Things are just plugging right along and not a whole lot going on. I'm still pregnant, the boys are still crazy wild, and Ray is still super busy at school, church, and helping around here.

So as for baby stuff, things are going pretty good I guess. I'm definitely at the stage where I don't enjoy it anymore. I just feel very large and it's getting hard to get around, especially because my hips are starting to cause some problems with walking around. Poor Ray the other night had to help me to the bathroom in the middle of the night because my hips gave out on me and I collapsed to the ground. He's such a good sport though and helps out so much!!! But the silly baby is so active! My doctor said that I look very large but the baby measures right where she should be. My stomach is just so stretched out that she has all the room in the world to stretch out and do whatever she wants, besides curl up in the small fetal position. It makes things quite interesting sometimes, but it's so comforting to feel her do her acrobatics!

Logan and Chase are good kids, but man are they a handful! Chase is constantly in to any trouble he can possibly find, but he does love to sit and read books. He is the bookworm between the two boys. And then we have Logan who has quite the imagination right now. For the longest time he would never play pretend with any of his toys or anything, but that has changed. He loves to play with his "babies" and take care of them. At the dinner table it is such a challenge to get him to eat because all he does is talk, talk, talk. The stories he comes up with are so funny! Love the kids so much!!

Other than that, we're just hanging out and Ray is starting to make plans to re landscape the backyard as soon as we get our Tax Returns back. We're going to basically tear everything out and start all over. There's a lot of work to do, but it will be so worth it!! The downfall of this though, is that we've decided to get rid of our dog. Shelby likes to dig a little too much and putting in a new yard isn't worth it if she's going to dig it all up. Also though, we're just not giving her the time and attention that she deserves. She has a lot of potential, but we're not dedicated enough to put in the work it takes, especially with baby sister coming soon. So...anybody want a super cute, energetic dog??
Logan asks to have his picture taken sometimes and it's kind of a cheesy smile that he does, but I love it!

Logan watching a movie with his babies "while they get feeling better" he says.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am so thankful for the wonderful place that I have to live. St. George and I get along quite well. I have to admit, when Ray first got the job offer here, I was very skeptical about moving. But it sure did not take long for me to fall in love with this awesome, beautiful, sunny place!!! I only hope and pray that we will be able to enjoy many, many more years here!

This last weekend the weather was so wonderful that we could not resist some outdoor play. Here are just a few random pictures of our adventures:

We've started Shelby in training classes and so far it's been awesome. She's learned to respond to her name and how to sit. But she is getting so BIG!!

Logan loving the sunshine!! Him and Chase were loving the swings and slide.

And this is how Ray enjoyed the rays. Can you blame him?! I love this guy so much!!

And just a random picture of the boys playing with toys.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ok so we finally got our computer back and they fixed it for free!!! Hopefully it will stay fixed and we can keep up with things. So Ray keeps hounding me now to update everything with Christmas and baby stuff so here we go. It is going to be a little long probably (like usual) but here it is.

First off....Christmas!!!! Yeah!! Christmas was fantastic! Ray's parents flew in from Oregon and spent about a week and a half here so we with family a lot through the Christmas break. Ray had two full weeks from school and it was so much fun having him around all day. The boys absolutely adore spending time wrestling and playing around with their dad. He also was motivated and we got a lot of "honey-do" things accomplished. Christmas came and went as a huge success and Logan and Chase got thoroughly spoiled. A few days after Christmas my parents were able to drive down from Idaho and spend a couple of days with us as well. Unfortunately, due to weather, they had to cut their trip short but it was still worth it to spend some time together. I want to take a trip up to Idaho with the boys before the baby is born, but Ray is being stubborn (and I don't really blame him) and doesn't feel comfortable with me traveling alone with the boys being pretty prego and traveling on winter roads. So, people that I miss (especially family) will just have to wait until after the baby comes. We also started Shelby (our hyper active puppy) in dog training classes this last week. It's once a week for six weeks and we already have seen some progress. Hopefully we will be able to calm her down and know how to teach her these things so we can enjoy spending time with her.
(Our lovely gingerbread house. Chase was already in bed so he's not part of the pictures, but we had fun building it!!)

(Yes, we got them Nerf guns. Don't know why we did, but they have so much fun!)

And as far as baby stuff goes, we're just trucking right along! We are now having appointments every other week which is fun but also annoying trying to find babysitters all of the time. But at the last few appointments the silly girl has liked to lay sideways or in the transverse position with her body folded in half. But today at the appointment she was finally head down like she's supposed to be! The bad part, I'm starting to pack on the weight that I've not wanted. In two weeks I put on 6 pounds. Not in a month, but in two weeks. Not a pretty picture. Needless to say, I'm hoping to start walking and eating better. It's has been my ultimate goal this pregnancy to try and avoid putting on 50 pounds. So far we're up to 25 pounds and I'm hoping to keep it around 35 or so. Lets hope for awesome self control and motivation!

(Pregnancy picture at 29.5 weeks. Not very good at keeping up with the monthly pics)

Well, I think that wraps it up for the most part. I'm sure there are lots of things that I missed, but I don't really want to write a novel. We're all alive, thriving, and loving life!! What more can we can ask for?!