Saturday, January 12, 2013

The twins' names

I want Abby and Brooke to have record of how they received their names, especially their middle names. When we found out we were having twins and trying to decide on names, we knew we didn't want to do matching names or anything like that, but we did want to do something special for it being twins. So, we came up with doing Baby A having a name that started with an "A", and Baby B with a "B" name, therefore, Abby and Brooke. But after that, we were struggling on middle names. We discussed not doing middle names but all of the other kids had one so I still wanted the twins to. As we were sitting in the NICU one day trying to figure out what to put on the birth certificates, I brought up the idea of doing namesakes for our grandmothers. I really wanted to use the name Katherine after my mom's mom that had died when my mom was little and we liked that idea. Nobody had used her name as a namesake or anything and I felt pretty strong that it would be a special thing to do. But that was only one name, and we had two daughters. So after some pondering on the issue, we thought of how special Grandma Robinson is to us and thought that that would be a great name. So I thought that her name was Jean Robinson, but it's actually Lou Jean Robinson. I fell in love with the name of Abby Lou, but it was too cute. We didn't know if she would appreciate such a "cute" name as she got older. So we decided on Abby Jean, but I always call her Abby Lou anyways as a special nickname. So that is how we named our sweet girls with such special names.

Abby Jean Miller
aka. Abby Lou

Brooke Katherine Miller
aka. my little Brookelette

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